The 2010 Harford Zombie Walk is fast approaching. But don't worry, our zombies like to take slow crawls-so you'll have plenty of time to join us and learn all you need to know on the subject of "Zombie Walks".

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How to dress like a zombie

Dressing like a zombie is relatively easy and cheap. The main idea here is to trash your outfit. That being said, look for the following:

Do you have clothes that you use around the house for all the dirty house chores you do?

Are there a few items that you have been meaning to throw out because you discovered a stain, rip or holes present? NO NEED! Use them for your zombie costume!

Who knew that dressing as a zombie could be so environmentally friendly- YOU ARE RECYCLING those torn up clothes!

And it doesn't have to be YOUR clothes.... Grab that flannel shirt you have been hounding your boyfriend to throw away...

Or guys- see if your friends or family have any clothes they want to donate to Goodwill/or the clothing bins that you see in the parking lots around town. Before you drop it off- root through the items and see if anything fits!

Which brings me to my next point. If you don't have the above options to help you find an outfit, go to your local THRIFT STORE.

Goodwill is my STOP-N-Zombie-SHOP for all my zombie outfits. And hey-LOOKEY THERE- your're RECYCLING again! It's a win-win situation when it comes to transforming yourself into a zombie!

You can dress casual or formal to play the part of a zombie.
Here is a list of clothing options that are perfect zombie attire.

Flannel Shirts
Old Jeans
Long sleeve white shirts (tie optional)
White undershirts

Old suits(circa 1970's is best-look for "POLYESTER" on tag)
Old bridal dress (try to make sure and get a vail)
Old prom dress (circa 1980's)

The main rule of thumb here is-be comfortable and use clothes that you can trash. If you are going on a Zombie Walk it is recommended to wear comfortable shoes. usually a good pair of sneakers will do the trick.

Also, if you have dark pieces of clothing that you are wearing for your outfit-try to put some lighter colors on as well...If the suit is dark,tear it up alot to reveal the white dress shirt that you have on underneath.
White clothes really make fake theatrical blood stand out on your Zombie attire!

You've got your outfit-now what?
look around your house and find any of the following:

black spray paint
theatrical blood(found at Halloween shops)
Kayro syrup and red/green food coloring (for edible blood)

The object here will be to first-CUT UP those clothes!
Don't get rediculous, but make sure you cut up the edges of the clothes. And pant cuffs, shirt hems and sleeves NEED to have multiple cuts to make a "shredded" or "tattered" look.

Next,grab that can of black spray paint you have lying around the garage. Take your shirt/outfit outside and hang it somewhere AWAY from the house and/or patio furniture/cars.
If you have an old clothesline-this would be the perfect time to use it-if not hang the clothing on a nearby tree branch.
Take the spray paint-and spray random areas of your outfit. Grab a big piece of cardboard and try out your spray technique first-BEFORE spraying your actual outfit.

Then-if you would REALLY like to be authentic....Find some potting soil and rub it into the clothing. Mud, oil, and grease (PLEASE-NOTHING FLAMMABLE!)works well also. Again-this is optional.
If your outfit allows-take a few small branches off a nearby tree and thread them through some cut holes in your jacket/overalls. Make sure that the branches are thread through an OUTER layer of clothing on your outfit so that you don't cut your actual skin.
LEAVES also make a GREAT hair accessory for you LADY ZOMBIES out there!

This next step is optional too-but it REALLY makes you look like you just had lunch....
Take theatrical blood found at your local drug store/costume shop and fingerpaint your white shirt/lighter colored clothing to create that "Just ATE" look.

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